Tuesday, March 31, 2009

From my point of view

Hello! I am Syaz the eater. Nice to meet you ;)

okay, in this blog... you'll find 5 different style of writings; 5 different thoughts; 5 different ideas & expressions;

because there are 5 different writers :)

let me introduce each of them.

Fairus @ Yuz the Mummy just turned to 22 last Friday (March 27th.)
she's an excellent cooker among us --duh obviously.. I can't cook so do Nina & Syue. Mirul takyah cakap la.. makan je keje dia :P
Dare to say that she's the one with lots of experience in life & love. Haha. I always seek for her advices because she simply know what to say..

Amirul @ Mirul the Balong is the only male writer in our blog!
He always make my day with his lame jokes! :P
You can seek for any crazy ideas from him! Oh, and weird recommendation of songs too. Hehe.
I never had a big brother till the day I found him :)

Arina @ Nina in the middle is the petite one. (fine, I am the giant! yish. haha)
She's my... evil twin! :P
The seducer. The flirter. Sama je la dengan Fairus! From abang cafe to pak guard ukm, habis diorang ngorat! Haha. Confident & pretty young lady, she is.

Syuhada @ Syue the innocent is our baby sister.
Ok warning! she's not as innocent as you think :P
Syue has a very beautiful smile. She is the only one who plays silence whenever I am at my worst. She won't provoke or do something that might make me even greener like the hulk! Haha..

another plain-writer is me. I am insane. A little bit silly sometimes. I only am normal when I'm serious. I eat a lot. I love chicken. I don't curse, I only use 'bodoh' but sometimes I use the word not in accordance with the situations. Haha.

So basically, the creation of the blog is to share our moments together. The good & bad, so that we can cherish the memories. Remember it..

We already stepped for almost two years at the Faculty of Law UKM. We have gone through so many things yet there are another million things waiting for us in future..

I just want to state that their existance in my life makes me feel that I'm the most lucky person. tapi of course lah mereka lebih lucky cuz they have me haha :P

Monday, March 30, 2009

Legal five on the move..

Meet the legal five!

Our History

Legal five consists of:
  • Amyrul (the Balong)
  • Fairus (the Mummy)
  • Nina (in the middle)
  • Syazzy (the eater)
  • Syue (the innocent)

from left : the innocent, in the middle, the balong, the eater, the mummy!

Enjoy our blog!

till then, toodle-oo! ;)